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Asociety is a videogame development studio, whose members love to create more than play.
Making content for all audiences, our team includes Game Designers, Programmers, Artists and Musicians.
We develop mobile and desktop games, implementing mechanics, analytics and monetization resources, always working with the latest technologies and offering quality and balance in what we do.
We're always looking for success -and learning from the experience- in each development.

Leandro Andreotto
Technical Artist
Eduardo Andreotto
CEO - Programmer
Florencia Actis
3D/2D Artist

Boxing game for androidSMASH BOXING

Smash Boxing is a great cartoon boxing game for mobile devices developed in Unreal Engine 4 with adult twist and hidden stuff.
Full 3D Enviroments (Unreal Engine 4)
More than twelve scenarios
Fast gameplay action with Combos and Super Punches
Single Player tournament over +50 fighters
Online Multiplayer,  World Ranking
Boxers with customizable hair, skin, tatoos, gloves, skills and more
Hard and soft currency implemented, ads and analytics tools
Compatible with Android 8.1 and better.

anime female Boxing game for androidBOxing Babes

Boxing Babes its a Eroge/Hentai Boxing Game for Android & PC plataform.
Six different sexies enemies with five changes of clothes for each one.
+100 of Customization Items and collectibles
+15 hentai videos.
+60 hentai images.
+20 boxing techniques
+30 fighting encounters with story
Single Player and Multilplayer ASync.
English and Spanish Localization.
Joystick Controller Support


NOTICE: The game was suspended (deleted) by Google alleging Violence... But here you can download it for Free!
Download Link!

Incredible 3D graphics to make this joke even more exciting.
Gamble and win coins to be the more richer!
- 5 differents players
- Real physics
- Single and Multiplayer LAN
- Amazing and cool room

Boxing game for androidSmash boxing zero

The first version of Smash Boxing. An Arcade game with 20 enemies.
Include 20 different fatalities, character customizations, and much more action!

GENERATE SYNTHETIC DaTA!Synthetic Data Generator for YOLO v8/v5

Don't be left out of the Artificial Intelligence revolution and start training models today!
Anyone can do it. Take the first step in the introduction to the amazing world of Machine Learning.
Load your 3D files in GLB format, then generate many images with our Synthetic Data Generator and finally, train Yolo with the images to generate recognition models.
The more images you generate, with different lighting and different backgrounds, the better results you will achieve.
Synthetic Data Generator creates the folders and files needed to train models with the freeware Yolo v8 (or earlier versions).
Each image will have its txt file with the corresponding bounding box, which Yolo will use to learn to recognize the determined object.
Once the generation of images is finished, everything will be perfectly ordered in the selected folder to make Yolo start the training.
You can generate images with up to 8 different products, so that with a single image you would be loading the information of up to 8 products at the same time.
3D files in the GLB format can be edited to achieve the greatest possible realism. Once edited you can save the configuration. This configuration will be taken into account when generating images.

Here you can download some FREE Assets to learning porpoise Link
Buy Synthetic Data Generator on Steam!

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